Conversations with Rezo.AI Founder Rashi Gupta

You need to be very very passionate about what you are building and only then go about creating a product.

Rashi Gupta



Rashi is the founder of Rezo.AI – An automation platform that puts customer support on autopilot. She has 15+ years of experience in data science with expertise in ML, NLP and handling complex data sets. She has designed and developed models which have been published in world renowned journals. She has received doctoral from University of Helsinki and double masters from IIT Delhi.

Podcast Notes

What do you do at Rezo.AI

With Rezo, Rashi and her team is trying to automate a lot of customer support to bring efficiency and happiness to the customers. They have two products namely Converse and Audit.

How did you find that there is a need for this product?

She had been traveling a lot meeting customers and businesses during her PhD work and realized that there is a problem that customers are scared to call customer support because there is a back and forth communication which takes lot of time and still the problem is not solved. This problem is across the board and around the world.

How did you build the product with various features?

How did you start building the product without formal product management process?

What tools, software’s and applications do you use?

How to work with enterprise clients and implement feedback and changes into product road map?

Clients want to customize your product and most of the time, it becomes difficult to do that and requires lot of thoughts and planning.

How to price a SAAS product?

It is a function of 3 things. 1. Cost of development, 2. cost savings at client end, 3. competition pricing.

How do you create a product marketing for a B2B enterprise product?

Advice for B2B product managers?

Going for a B2B product is an uphill task. You need to be very very passionate about what you are building because some day you will not have energy to get out of bed to work. You need to know your customer pain points quite well and as a result what is your competition and then go about drafting the features.

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