Conversations with Partho Ghosh, Director of Product at BananaTag Canada

Focus on product market fit in the early stages of your B2B SaaS product development

Partho Ghosh

Director of Products


Partho is a customer-obsessed, data-informed Product Leader and Growth-Stage Consultant with over a decade of experience in B2B SaaS, MarTech, & eCommerce.

As a seasoned leader in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Agile Product Development, Partho has demonstrated a proven track record for evolving product and scaling companies through Customer-Centric, Data-Informed strategies, and Servant Leadership.

Partho has led the charge in numerous high-growth product launches and product operations transformations within multiple Growth-Stage companies and can be relied upon as a Product Leader that can deliver results based on your corporate strategy. Partho has helped Agile organizations build better products through collaboration and building relationships between software development, product, marketing, partnerships, data, and design teams.

Podcast Notes

Partho has extensive experience in B2B SaaS domain so we discussed a lot around building a B2B business.

1. Tell us about the work you doing at BananaTag.
2. How do you build a product roadmap for a B2B product?
3. How do you blend product marketing in your product?
4. There is a lot of competition in the email software space. How do you manage it and remain competitive?
5. B2B products many times have custom client requirements which affects product roadmap. How to manage it?
6. Whats a good way to price SaaS products?
7. Tools or Softwares you use for your work?
8. Advice to B2B product makers

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