Conversations with Valentin Huang, Co-founder & CEO of Harvestr

Building product and features is not sufficient, you need to do a lot in terms of product positioning and marketing it to your customers

Valentin Huang

Co-founder & CEO


Valentin Huang is the Co-founder and CEO of Harvestr. He help companies implement state-of-the-art Discovery and Delivery processes to go from customer data to product greatness.

He is also the author of the Ultimate Guide to Remote Product Management.

Harvestr is about making every company customer-centric, for real. It is a product management platform that helps companies leverage customer feedback and data to build amazing digital products. Backed by talented software investors, Harvestr was built by product people for product people and is used by some of the best product teams around the world. Harvestr builds customer-centric products. Manage customer feedback, prioritize features, and share your product roadmap, all in one place.

Podcast Notes

In this Podcast, we asked Valentin about his experience building Harvestr. Some of the questions that we asked him were

1. About you and Harvestr
2. How did you get the idea of Harvestr
3. How did you built and ship the V1
4. How was Customer development done and market feedback post V1
5. A lot of competition in the market so how do you create a unique positioning?
6. Success metrics for Harvestr 
7. Tools you use to build Harvestr
8. Advice for product makers

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