Conversations with Prateek Gupte, VP Product at Haptik

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Prateek Gupte

VP, Products


Prateek is VP Product at Haptik, a conversational AI platform which has been acquired by Reliance JIO.

After leading the engineering team at the company, he moved into product management to build Haptik’s B2B product and business. Prior to this he was the co-founder/CTO at a multiplayer gaming company BYOF Studios and founder at Code Red.

Through his career he has worn multiple hats of software engineer, entrepreneur, product lead, tech lead and organizational leader.

Podcast Notes

We asked Prateek the following bunch of questions:

1. Pratik, tell us about the work you do at Haptik?
2. What does it take to build an AI Product?
3. Share some of the challenges any AI product faces?
4. How much AI and ML knowledge one should have as a product manager?
5. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest in technology??
6. What tools or software apps do you use to manage work?
7. Advice for product makers

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