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Be more solution-oriented rather than finding out problems in every scenario

Krunal Soni

Krunal Soni

Founder, Thrillax

Krunal Soni is the founder of Thrillax. He is non-graduate but his journey itself a degree to present himself. He holds expertise in diverse fields. 

Ranking up from an SEO lead, he has experience in every digital marketing, advertising, social media and everything that beholds the Internet er. His 15+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. A methodical approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.

His creative methods and multi-tasking abilities ensure all work gets done in a day. Today, he handles everything from client management to accounts to payroll and actual groundwork planning without a single hassle, owing to his experience, abilities, and capabilities.

Your journey so far

From recruiting the first one at Marriott for Thrillax to creating an office for ten was an amazing journey for me. Yes, there are many challenges such as generating an invoice to manage the cash flow, salary accounts to fund collections everything is first time experience.

Customer experience is the first thing I focused on when I start a business. I deliver digital marketing services and it teaches me everything else such as accounting, finance, managing cash flow and budget. I haven’t personally faced tough challenges yet but in this one year of experience, I’m firm on my belief that if a customer is happy, the business automatically grows.

How do you help your clients grow and achieve their goals?

I always try to be specific and have a clear purpose, this helps me to convince my clients to stick to their goals. I keep a pre-planned schedule for each of my client’s activities which is updated according to weekly tasks. Encouraging people and supporting them is the best way to help them achieve their goals. 

We know to jump from zero to hundred is not possible overnight. At such times, perseverance is the key. Lastly, I make my goals my priority and keep a track of the performance. With this mindset, I have seen my clients reaching their targets and achieving more than expected results.

Experience from 0 to first 10 clients and further growth

‘This is exactly what I was expecting’ is the reaction that came from all of our clients. We have 100% client retention from the first day of starting the business. Yes, there were situations where clients took a break but we were firm that if we’re going to do something, we will make sure that it matters and makes a difference. We applied the same to everything whether it is a Web-page, blog, Facebook post, twitter discussions or Instagram hashtag oriented post. And if things are not meaningful, we’ll not do them at all.

We have just started, but we are already creating a meaningful dent in the digital marketing universe. We do not make empty-promises for our customers. We actually define the strategy, process, and actions We discuss more with our customers for their business and outcomes. Because we believe people and situations change. We can’t be everything to everyone. We said no to many projects last year, but we’d rather our customers grow out of our service eventually than never be able to grow into them in the first place.

Keeping pace with changing technology and remain competitive?

It’s true that the technology trends are evolving with a rate that can be daunting for anyone. Buying people’s attention with a Facebook ad or Google search ads or marketing video is one thing but earning their loyalty by teaching them is a completely different situation. Teaching something from your experience for your service is the best thing as a small company which is the toughest part for big competitors. As big companies afford to advertise which certainly we can’t.

So we focus on teaching and teaching means focusing on customer experience. Ultimately, you are successful if your customer is satisfied. I also strive to streamline the digital marketing processes by brainstorming and motivating my team.

We accelerate performance by applying data-driven optimization. To stay ahead in the competition, we believe that learning never stops and we try to keep up with the changing customer demands. We use best-data driven software to redefine SEO and social media strategies.

Top hurdles faced for business growth

I would not say hurdles, but yes, often I confuse the enthusiasm with priority. Having myself involved in almost every project requires a lot of research and analysis. And apart from that, I am so engrossed that new ideas keep popping up in my mind. But any new idea comes with a rush and with that, I start imagining the possibilities and the benefits of that idea. But, over a period, I realized that the enthusiasm I have for a new idea is not an accurate indicator of its true worth. We always have dozens of ideas for tomorrow but for now, we write them down and park them for a few days. Then accordingly evaluate with actual priority with a calm mind. I am always getting a common question from people-‘how big is your company?’ I have always answered some number and it has done the deal. The bigger the number, the more powerful I sound. Why is expansion always the goal for a company? I mean the right size for your company can be 5 people, 100 people or maybe just you and a MacBook.

Core specialties and offerings to your clients

At Thrillax, as I said, we are into digital marketing and we provide content strategies and better reach for businesses on social media. Basically, we are changing the perception of people regarding the web being a scary place. As our name suggests, there is a thrill while we execute the plans to generate leads and at the same time, clients can trust us with their business marketing and sit and relax.

Key to motivation

Reading books always kept me alert. I am most unhappy when I am not accomplishing anything in terms of outcome, results or productivity and happiest when I am utilizing my full potential and found a better me. I don’t worry about the things that are going wrong, instead, I focus on the things that are working fine. I believe in commitment and consistency, and my die-hard level of commitment always helps me to get motivated.

But I realized, when you become an entrepreneur no matter how much positive person you are, you will face some circumstances that make you feel distressed. At times like these, I simply watch action movies or divert my mind to some Netflix series.

I always believe that when you want to feel motivated to think about the past and your achievements today. You will always find the present is much better. Then, I strive to make the future even better. I totally believe, no matter what the problem is, I must get it done and save that lesson for my life.

Less procrastination is key to being productive.

Some of my favorite books are

  • This is marketing – for learning.
  • ‘Poke the box’ and ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things – Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers – for growth.
  • Rework – for inspiration.

Advice to Product Makers

Though it has been just one year with Thrillax and I believe, I am still in my learning phase, I would like to share a few things with my fellow entrepreneurs and the newbies in the industry. I would suggest marketing core fundamentals and being more solution-oriented rather than finding out problems in every scenario. Focus more on customers and their requirements because that’s what is going to take your business forward.

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