Conversations with Shrey Gupta – Product Manager at Tata Health

First learn to go from 0 to 1 as a product manager by building a simplest product solving a consumer pain point. Everything else around the product can be done later.

Shrey Gupta

Product Manager

Tata Health

Shrey is a product manager at Tata Health. He has more than 4+ years of experience in Product Management (Mobile App – E-commerce, Travel, Healthcare), User Flow, Growth and interaction with multi-functional teams to build products of great impact in the hi-scale organizations and start-ups.

Podcast Notes

We talked to Shrey and learned from him

1. His background and journey to become a product manager

2. Challenges faced working as product manager

3. What tech skills one needs to be a digital product manager?

4. What tools he use for his day to day work?

5. How does he use data for building products?

6. His advice for product managers.

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