ProductHood conversation with Mohamed Fayas, Product Head at Docsapp

Being a product manager, I can do impactful things which touches the lives of millions of people

Mohamed Esha Fayas

Head of Product


Mohamed Esha Fayas is the Head of Product, DocsApp. Previously he has worked with Dream11 as Product Head and with Freecharge as its Head of Growth.

He is an IIM Banaglore alumni and an expert in product growth. He has built multiple successful teams with rock star PMs, Designers , Analysts , Engineers & Digital marketers.

In the podcast interview, he talked about the reasons why he liked product management, how does he hire his team and why it is important for a product manager to be growth-oriented.

Podcast Notes

What do you like being a product manager?

What do you have to do on a day to day basis in product management?

PM is a stressful job. How do you manage your work and life?

Tools you use for product management.

Why does every product manager need to be a growth product manager?

How to become a growth product manager?

How do you hire product managers and set up product team structure?

How to find growth levers for a product?

Advice for aspiring product managers.

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