Hacking email list growth with Dave Schneider

Hacking email list growth with Dave Schneider

Dave Schneider

Dave Schneider

Co-founder, NinjaOutreach

David Schneider is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach. He writes about business and entrepreneurship, and enjoys travel.

NinjaOutreach is an Influencer Marketing & Blogger Outreach software that streamlines your influencer marketing and lead generation process with automated outreach and follow-ups.

Email is one of the best marketing channels due to its low cost and high engagement

David says that they use email aggressively to build their list, engage users with content and convert them to customer.

Their email marketing strategy involves funneling people into their email list and engaging them with weekly content. They also have various drip campaigns depending on a few different factors. “if someone signs up from the blog they get a 5 day email course on blogger outreach along with an invite to sign up for free trial of tool”

At NinjaOutreach, they primarily use Drip to build email list, as well as SumoMe‘s Welcome Mat and an Exit Pop Up. In addition they have various opt ins on the blog/website. Drip is used to keep in touch with our newsletter subscribers and Intercom to keep in touch with our customers.

They keep on working on building some teasers to make it more compelling to sign up.

David outlines his simple formula for building email list fast –

  • Generate Traffic
  • Work on converting that traffic
  • Engage people in the list so they remain active.

However he cautions that each step of list building itself is complex and it is best to read specific articles and case studies about how to do each. He also adds that it is difficult to manage multiple email lists for customers, trial sign ups, and blog visitors. Similarly having individual and relevant communication with various list members creates further challenges.

They have grown their email list to 11,000 people in last 1 year and get about 80 sign ups a day now. With healthy open rate of 45%, email list is driving appreciable revenue for NinjaOutreach.

They try to push open rates high by re sending email to non openers with an altered subject line. These experiments have resulted in pushing openers from 30 to 45%.

Talking about the email design strategy, he shared that they have a standard format and template which is filled in every week that covers the blog post, new features, and the podcast. They rely on Drip’s built in split testing feature for sending emails. As they publish content on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, so emails are sent on Friday with no fixed time slot. Email subject lines are kept catchy and relevant to announcement or blog post. They ensure all the best practices are followed.

David sign off by recommending GrooveHQ’s email newsletters for design inspiration.

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