Embracing Diversity, Complexity and Quantum Change-Building G2C( Government to Citizen) Products

Building G2C( Government to Citizen) Products

Category: Product Management

G2C products operate in an environment which is diverse,complex and is undergoing rapid technology change. Speaker will share his experiences in building a portfolio of G2C products and the principles employed, to deal with these challenges. He will focus on abstracting these principles and sharing examples of approaches adopted and benefits realized, so that the learning is relevant for participants building products for other domains/industries.

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About Expert

Aravind Gaddala

Aravind is a Product Management practitioner who is passionate about building products that have an impact on the lives of users. He brings his diverse and practical experience of working across distinct domains and organizational contexts to solving problems. He lives by the motto of ” Ideas are easy. Execution is everything, and It Takes a Team to Win”.

He currently works as a Vice President of Product Management with eGovernments Foundation, a not-for-profit firm engaged in solving urban governance challenges using cutting edge technology. In the past, he has worked for global corporations like Oracle, NICE Systems, and other successful startups. He has a deep interest in using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable better decision making.

He is also associated as an advisor and mentor with startups working in the areas of civic-tech, G2C domains.

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