Sanyog Sharma

Sanyog Sharma

Sr. Product Consultant, Maya

Bangalore, India

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A data product manager that delves deeper into big data, using algorithms and statistics to produce a final product and then analyze the data produced by the product. Main products include discovery products like search and recommendation engines. Skills in Data Analysis, Data Science, Algorithms, visualization, Product management, Product rankings,Resource Planning,Jira, Elastic search, Data Tracking, Hive, SQL, R, Tableau, Google Analytics, Funnel tracking, A/B Testing, Model Building, and model validation. Experience in optimizing algorithm related to autosuggestion, relevancy, product ranking,classification and spell checker. Experience in building 0-1 products. Handled products with 10mn dau.

In the past, I have managed teams of product analysts, data engineers, and data scientists. I am attempting to share my experience with other product managers and aspirants because I come from a data background and have noticed that PMs struggle with the data tasks that they must complete in their jobs.

Area of Expertise

Product Management

Teach online or mentor students and professionals from around the world.

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