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100% online instructor led programs to fire up your career and growth. Learn the latest in product development, management & marketing with real world projects, assignments and career opportunities.

Who Can Attend?

College Students

Product Professionals

Product Makers & Teams

Live Bootcamps

Live Bootcamps are rigorous and in depth class room programs for those who want to pick skills in a short span of time by working on real world problem cases.

Bootcamps are typically 4-12 hours long and are spread over 1-3 days. You will get to learn from the rich experience of the expert(s) and network with like minded professionals from diverse background and nationalities.

Learn to build and measure the right metrics for your product success and business growth.


Learn to conceptualize awesome Products from start to end in this 2-day workshop for product professionals.


Learn the art of API product management for building scalable digital products.


Live Workshops

Live Workshops are micro class room format programs to help you learn industry relevant skills quickly.

Workshops are generally 2-4 hours long and are designed to make you learn concepts, tools or technology through demo, problem solving and interactions.

Learn nuances of how to develop a rock-solid Go To Market strategy for your startup and products.


Learn to use Google Analytics for your product growth, tracking metrics, identifying issues, and improving product experience.


Workshop to help you learn to use Balsamiq for product wireframe design


What we offer?

Personal Touch

Live training is capped at 20 participants.

Action Oriented

Assignments to keep you on your toes


Reading stuff to help you grasp concepts.

Real world project

Work on a real world project in teams

Career Boost

Apply concepts to your work and get results


Network with industry professionals

Have doubts?

Teach online or mentor students and professionals from around the world.

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