Conversations with Jhashank Gupta – Mobile Product Manager at Zomato

Want to improve products?
Listen to the customer! There is absolutely no other way.
Take support calls/chats, meet the top 10-20-30 users, talk to users who have raised a lot of complaints but still come back to your product.
There is a treasure trove of information there.

Jhashank Gupta

Mobile Product Manager


Jhashank Gupta is a mobile product manager at Zomato. He has 3+ years of product management experience in scaling and building mobile apps, optimising conversion, improving search and recommendation.

He is great at Business Strategy, Product Roadmapping, Sprint Planning, A/B Testing and Analytics. He has strong management and interpersonal communication skills.

Podcast Notes

How did you get into PM domain?

What challenges did you face moving from a non technical background to PM?

Describe your role at Zomato.

How to find ideas for product improvement for a high growth consumer app like Zomato?

How do you take data driven decisions? Any examples?

What tools, services, apps do you use for your day to day work?

I think that different organisations will be using different tools, but the major use-cases remain the same:

Data-analysis – Google Analytics, or in-house tools (BigQuery, ReDash)
Wireframing – Balsamiq, Moqups
Designing/Prototyping – Sketch, Invision, Figma
Writing PRDs, managing roadmaps, writing stories – Notion, Trello, JIRA
Bug tracking – JIRA, BugZilla
If you are a TPM – Postman, Charles

Advice for PM aspirants

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