Conversation with Ben D. Staples, Senior Product Manager at Nordstrom

Data gives you confidence and a lot more rationale for everything that you do as a product manager

Ben D. Staples

Senior Product Manager


Ben is a business results driven Product Manager responsible for the product page on (~25% of $15B in North America). Previously he was responsible for Trunk Club’s Native iOS/Android Apps (58% of $200m in the US) and Vistaprint’s cart & checkout experience ($1.7B globally). With 6+ years of PM experience, Ben now shares best practices & industry experience weekly on LinkedIn (@benjamindstaples) and occasionally on the largest active Medium Publication “The Startup” (

Podcast Notes

Ben shared his thoughts on various topics ranging from product roadmap to metrics.

Some of the questions which he answered:

1. What makes a good product experience?
2. How do you identify customer pain points?
3. You have been responsible for product roadmap at Vistaprint. Tell us about the product roadmap building process.
4. What are some good e-commerce metrics you track?
5. Tools or softwares that you use ?
6. Advice for product makers building awesome products?
7. Challenges you face while building an e-commerce products?

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