Conversation with Nitin Kumar, Chief Product Officer –

Nitin talks about his journey into product management as well as the challenges he faced as product manager.

Nitin Kumar

Chief Product Officer


Nitin has 19 years of experience of playing various roles in multiple tech startups and medium to large product engineering companies.

His core functional strength lies in the strong combination of product, business and execution skills, which has enabled me to consistently achieve business goals with minimum resources and time.

He is an IIT Delhi alumnus and currently heads product management at EasyPolicy as its Chief Product Officer.

Podcast Notes

1. How did you transition into product management?

Nitin moved from engineering to Product Management role internally within the company.

He worked with lot of customers and understood their pain points and was able to articulate the requirements to engineering and other teams easily.

2. What are his PM responsibilities on a day to day basis?

He has 4 broad roles at EasyPolicy.

1. Look at the big picture and create long term product vision along with short term milestones

2. Understand the customer requirements both on the B2B and B2C side

3. Drive product execution and work with stakeholders like PM’s, Data team and engineering team

4. People grooming and unlocking bottlenecks

3. How does Product execution looks like at Easy policy?

At Easypolicy they follow a 4 step process.

1. Understand the problem and customer pain point

2. Sharing the problem with all the stakeholders involved in development and plan the steps to be done by designers, data team, engineering team etc.

3. Executing tasks and product deliveries

4. Post launch feedback collection and analysis and improvement

4. How does Nitin hire Product Manager’s for his team?

He looks for 2 Functional and 2 Soft skills.

Functional skills – 1. Person should be able to understand the customer and her pain point

2. Whether person can get the work done by detailing things out and share knowledge with the team

Soft skills – 1. Passion to think about the customer 2. Ability to work with others

5. His advice for PM aspirants.

You should know your customer well and willing to get your hands dirty by detailing things out and able to work with different teams.

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