Conversations with Gautam Mahesh, AVP Products at FlexiLoans

Product Management is all about common sense and prioritization.

Gautam Mahesh

AVP, Products


Gautam Mahesh is the AVP Products at FlexiLoans focusing on their internal assets that spans from onboarding to credit appraisal to servicing. Prior to this, He has extensive experience on business side across all verticals of an NBFC as well as working with reputed Product firms in Product Management and Product Marketing profiles.

He is a hands-on PM and love experimenting on new ideas as well as getting his hands dirty on whatever he works. He loves setting up and streamlining processes as well as aligning Products as an enabler to improve processes and user experience.

He is an avid follower of FinTech and a big-time Bibliophile! He blog or write tit-bits whenever he is able to find spare time.

Podcast Notes

  • How did you get into product management role?
  • How MBA prepared you take business and product roles?
  • Role at Flexiloans.
  • How do you take customer feedback and understand their pain points?
  • How to talk to customers in their language?
  • Challenges in moving from Individual role to a leadership role.
  • How to build a great customer support process.
  • Managing communications with internal teams
  • Advice to Product Managers

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