Conversations with Leena.AI Product Head Mittul Desai

Degree’s don’t matter as long as you have that innate want to really learn. How much time you can spend outside your office hours trying to learn is going to define whether you can do well as product manager or no.

Mittul Desai

Head of Product


Mittul Desai is the Head of Product at Leena.AI. Previously he was a product manager at Happay and started a company called Uncvr.

He is most interested in solving problems that change lives. He brings in years of programming and management skills to the table with a penchant for clarity. He is passionate and driven to achieve the milestones set forth in the simplest and most elegant manner.

In conversation with ProductHood founder Lokesh Gupta, he talked about his PM journey along with story of Leena.AI. He also shared the secrets to become a good product manager and how to get into artificial intelligence domain.

Podcast Notes

How did you get into Product Management?

Journey of Leena.AI and Mittul’s role at Leena.AI

How engineering people can also double up as product managers?

How product management is different from entrepreneurship?

How to say No as a product manager?

Challenges while transitioning to a PM leader in a AI field.

How to prepare for AI product management role.

How do you keep a tab on competition and manage it?

How to be a good product manager?

Best product managers are curious and read as much as possible across diverse fields.

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