Conversations with Nirav Gokulgandhi, Product Manager at Netcore Solutions

Keep customers and end users in focus, until and unless you don’t feel their pain you will not be able to build a good product.

Nirav Gokulgandhi

Product Manager

NetCore Solutions

Nirav is a Product Manager, responsible for discovering a usable, profitable and feasible product and ensuring that it is successfully brought to life. He sits at the intersection of Business, Technology and User Experience.

He is currently working with Netcore Solutions managing the Machine Learning initiatives from the Product end.
He has worked with Zycus as a Product Manager managing Products for Financial Savings Management and Sourcing Project Management. He has built Products during Engineering days and while working as Product Development.
He also come with Process Understanding and Optimization in the Customer Service while interning with Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd.

With experience in Product Management and Product Development, combined with Passion and will for building awesome products and love for Processes, he see himself as a complete package for creating and managing successful Products which will make users lives easy.

Podcast Notes

Tell us about your Product Management journey.

What do you do at Netcore Solutions as Product Manager?

How Agile helped you in your product management role?

How much technical one needs to be to work on AI projects?

You need to learn the basics of ML and deep dive a bit, you have to work with data scientist and data engineers day in and day out. You should be able to speak their language. These guys are highly technical and highly skilled so you should be able to discuss with them, question them on timelines and understand how data works, how various things works. At a basic level you should be able to build some basic ML models using tools like R and Python,

How do you prioritize product features?

What apps, tools you use for your work?

Advice for pm aspirants?

If the product UX is not good i.e. it is not usable then users are not going to use it. It takes lot of guts to say no. You should be in a position to say no if something is not right or possible and back it with data

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