Conversations with Preetam Nath – Ex PM, Unacademy

Try to put yourself in the path of execution. Execute till the product work becomes a muscle memory. You dont have to think about what you need to do next. Optimize for learning by finding great peers with whom you would love to work and would learn something new everyday.

Preetam Nath



Preetam started as a marketer but found his true calling as a product manager. He has worked with very early stage startups to startups which have scaled well. He has worked with Unacademy in his last full time engagement and now he is running his own startup.

He is a vision driven entrepreneurial spirit with strong focus on results and a mission to meaningfully uplift people’s lives. His experience has taught him how to delve deep into problems and solve them most effectively by applying First Principles.

Podcast Notes

1. Why did you chose to become a PM?

2. Challenges faced while transitioning to a product management role?

3. What hard skills did you acquire?

4. Resources for people who want to get into PM role.

5. Role of writing skills for product managers day to day job

6. How do you measure the success of a product?

7. Experience working with designers and engineers?

8. Softwares, applications and tools used as a product manager

9. Advice to product managers or PM aspirants.

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