Conversations with Rohan Lulla, Product Manager at LogiNext

Don’t overthink whether you have right skills for PM or not. Use your skills to your advantage.

Rohan Lulla

Product Manager


Rohan Lulla is the product manager at Loginext. He is fortunate to be in a space that both inspires and challenges him. Tech suits his personality since it always presents him with an opportunity to learn and grow.

His desire is to simultaneously learn and share his knowledge with those around him. This would helps him mould an effective leadership style that works well within teams. He takes pride in his ability to combine foresight and adapt in dynamic environments, while fostering constructive teamwork.

He has over 8 years of experience, the last 4 of which he has led product development for startups

Podcast Notes

  • How did you become a PM?
  • Your role at LogiNext
  • How technical one needs to be as a PM?
  • Building Product roadmaps
  • How to stay focussed on long term yet manage daily adhocness.
  • Prioritize between short term and long term
  • Tools, softwares to manage your day to day job
  • Advice to PM’s

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