ProductHood Conversations with Andy McFarlane from jobstreet Malaysia

When you are starting as PM, Focus on the end result that you are hoping to see. Don’t get distracted away from the your goal. Don’t underestimate the areas which can make you successful like stakeholder management, make time for coffee with as many people as possible, get connected over goals, challenges and opportunities.

Andy McFarlane

Product Manager

Jobstreet Malasia

Andy McFarlane in his current role as Product Manager with JobStreet Education, is responsible for shaping and evolving its education product, creating and developing roadmap, and delivering technical and innovative solutions to contribute to rapid overall business growth objectives.

He previously worked with Telegistics Asia, a Serba Dinamik Group Bhd company, to further develop the business from local start-up to a growing and successful company, as COO; identifying, developing and delivering productive and innovative products to the local Malaysian market initially, with an eye towards the wider ASEAN region subsequently.

He has formerly worn many hats and is experienced across a range of positions. He has been an Online Marketing and Technology Consultant through his own self-established company, TPC-Media, as well as Marketing Manager for Ireland’s premier cycling distributor and retailer, and Online Marketing Specialist for a German start-up, again working towards delivering consistent growth and revenue.

Podcast Notes

We asked Andy lot of questions. Some of the questions are as follows:

  • What is your role at Jobstreet Education?
  • Jobstreet Education is the leading job portal in Malaysia and south east Asia. His role is to build the business through various product features. Team at Jobstreet is lean with 8 people in total.

  • How does Product development process at Jobstreet Education works?
  • How do you make Product roadmap and how did it evolve over time?
  • How to find customer pain points?
  • What success metrics tracked and created?
  • How to work with teams and stakeholders and challenges faced?
  • How do you hire product managers?
  • Hard skills to look for in a PM?
  • How to keep yourself updated in PM world?
  • Advice for new or experienced product managers?

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