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Ish Jindal



Ish is a co-founder at Tars. TARS is one of the most popular chatbot builders in the world with 18,500+ bot creators and 28,000+ chatbots created using their platform.

His day-to-day activities primarily involve making sure that the Tars tech team doesn’t burn the office to the ground. In the process, Ish has become the world champion at using a fire extinguisher and intends to participate in the World Fire Extinguisher championship next year.

He is a graduate from NIT Warangal and passionate about helping marketers boost their PPC Conversion Rates.

In this podcast, he talked about the Tars journey so far and how he and his co-founder hacked their growth with a very small team.

Podcast Notes

In this podcast, we talked about lot of things including

Tars product and what it does for marketers

How product evolved over time since its launch in 2016

How did you come up with the idea and how the earliest MVP looked like?

How was the post launch feedback from customers?

What is your take on Competition?

How do you do Product marketing for your SaaS product?

Tell us about the product management methodology followed at Tars?

What advice would you give to SaaS product makers on pricing strategy?

How do you manage Client’s custom requirements and how does it changes your product roadmap?

Your advice for SaaS product maker.

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