ProductHood Conversations with Sreekanth Chandramouli, Senior Product Manager at Savonix

A good product maker is curios, has empathy towards the customers, and an attitude of trial and error.

Sreekanth Chandramouli

Senior Product Manager

Savonix, Inc

Sreekanth Chandramouli is the Senior Product Manager at Savonix. He is a self-driven and highly analytical professional with the ability to solve complex problems, independently deliver projects while managing inherent risks, establish networks, and maintain stakeholder communication across all levels and cultures.

Podcast Notes

Sreekanth talked about his work at Savonix and how he builds products in the health care domain. He also talked about the importance of picking domain knowledge and ways to learn fast by asking the right questions.

He shared his thoughts on product communication and how to say No to team members as part of the communication process.

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